About us


Pre-Production process

Field Idea/draft, design, simulations and computer tests-supplier and material and component selection, drawing layout, final documentation for production, production and supply planning.

We focus on every machine separately as far as choosing the best suppliers for each specific part from steel to hydro-cylinders, bearings, wheels, axels, rubber products etc. With a good cooperation from idea to design-drawing Tatra bears is able to process the best result as a support for material process in the production.

In-Production process

Action time process, welding, laser/water cutting, coloring process precision, consultation, checkout, transport preparation.

Tatra bears company is using robotic cuts for frame constructions to gain a very precise and fast production. Water cut robots and CNC stations provide precision parts for upcoming welding and later on also the coloring process. Water cut provide high precision cuts for every shape and detail no matter what shape it is. Robots are using basis from CAD drawing and Solid Works programs to obtain the right dimensions though computerised processes. The better cut and welds are provided the better polyurethane color coating is done. This is the process thru open space color station in order to change easily color type by customer demand. Every machine is assembled before loading to the container to check all working and moving parts.

Post-Production process

Logistics, Finance management, documentation filed check, service and control, soil improvement.

From factory to the farm field thru the World. Tatra bears provides support for logistics, documentation, service and finance management. With machines from Tatra bears on the farm the technological result is gained after the first to the last use.