Control system

TatraBears - Universal Machine Control System

An electrohydraulic system designed for a simple control of your connected agricultural machine. A graphic display provides the user with an instant overview of the performed machine activity, whether sitting directly in the tractor or standing around the machine. The application together with full all-purpose accessories, graphically displays current information obtained directly from the cultivated soil in real time.

The Full system consists of these parts:

After connecting the machine to the application, the user is offered detailed graphic instructions on how to use the application in connection with the machine.

Wireless connection using secure WiFi transmission for easy control of the electrohydraulic system, which is designed for automatic unfolding and folding of the machine into the working or transport position, or it is used for setting the depth or any other electro hydraulic adjustment of the connected machine.

The application and the control center contain a safety "stop system" against damage caused by an operator error.

Using the GPS module, the application records the coordinates and the associated machine depth settings, which can be linked to a yield map. If a sensor knife, which is an additional device, is connected, it also records information on soil temperature and soil moisture.

The application will automatically offer a list of spare parts (TatraBears machinery) after connecting to the machine. In case of failure it is possible to send a service request electronically to the nearest dealer center with the exact location of the machine.