White bear combined machine

Combined tillage machine - White Bear is designed to work in heavy-duty conditions.

Combined tillage machine - White Bear is designed to work in heavy-duty conditions. The machine is able to perform a great job in any soil/stubble combination as the specific technical parameters of the machine can be easily adjusted to suit the current conditions. There is no hesitation for machine to get into heavy stubble to bury it all or to perform as a chisel-disc combinator with great roller finish. At the end the machine can be used as a one pass tillage implement.

1. Towing bar

  • Hydraulic connection to the main frame
  • Able to level the main frame of the whole machine according to the conditions
  • Variable towing eyes (51mm, 71mm)

2. Hydro pneumatic chisel section

  • Separately operated section by hydro cylinders
  • 3 rows of chisels
  • Number of chisels 24 pcs
  • Distance between the chisels 27cm
  • Hydraulic pressure adjustment for different conditions
  • Maximum section depth is 30-35cm or 40cm in case of the longer tine type
  • Maximum set-up of the hydraulic valve for secure tine breakout force is 900-1,200 kg load

3. Breaking roller

  • Mechanical adjustment
  • Roller surface variations (plain surface, vertical V-shape, horizontal V-shape)
  • Diameter of the roller is 600mm

4. Transport axel

  • Wheels type: 460/60-22’5

5. Spring load disc section

  • Separately operated section by hydro cylinders
  • 2 rows of disc sections
  • Double disc system for easier material flow
  • Number of discs is 48 pcs
  • Distance between the discs is 25cm
  • Disc diameter is 560mm (22”)
  • Spring load securing can be adjusted by a screw
  • The springs are produced with a steel-cover for long durability in harsh conditions

6. Finishing packer

  • Hydraulic adjustment together with the main frame
  • Roller surface variations (plain surface, vertical V-shape with scrapers, horizontal V-shape)
  • Roller diameter is 700mm

Double disc for easier material flow.

Spring suspension is covered in solid metal tube for long last working

Hydraulic suspension for tines to work with different load pressure in various conditions.

Electro-hydraulic drivers. Separate hydraulic adjustment for the two main working sections such as disc and tine section.

Solid main frame with separately operating working sections

Accumulators for load suspension from the tyne section.

White bear 6 White bear 5
Working width 6,2 m 5 m
Transport width 3 m 3 m
Length 10,2 m 10,2 m
No. of chisels 24 (3 rows) 22 (3 rows)
Chisel max depth 30-35 cm 30-35 cm
No.of discs 48 (2 rows) 40 (2 rows)
Disc diameter 560 mm 560 mm
Weight (approx.) 14,4 t 11,95 t
Transport wheels 460/60-22’5 1 460/60-22’5 1
Minimum size of tractor 550 Hp 350-400 Hp